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About the Author 

Rebecca Coda served as a K-6 Director of Curriculum & Instruction in Cabot, Arkansas (2017-2020). She is the creator, owner, and blogger of Digital Native Network. She is the co-creator of the Let Them Speak! Project, leading educators in student voice author of Let Them Speak. She is the co-author of  Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank,a former contributing columnist responding to the current realities that leaders face for School Leader's Now, and article contributor on LinkedIn. She is a wife, mother of 3 kids, technology educational leader, and pursuer of excellence. She has over 15 years experience mentoring teachers and supporting digital technology, 5 years experience leading administrators, coaches, coordinators and specialists, and over 25 years experience in education. She supported the development of a district-wide 1:1 program by creating the parent student handbook, teacher handbook, trainings, and walkthrough protocols. She facilitated the district STEM Committee, developed Digital Learning Leaders and supported the launch of telepresence classrooms. Rebecca is a National Board Certified Teacher & Arizona K12 Center Master Teacher (2012-2022). 


Most notably Rebecca mentored and supported teachers at Thompson Ranch Elementary School in the Dysart Unified School District and was featured on the National School Board Association Technology Tour in April of 2012.  She also supported the Littleton Elementary School District in preparing over 100 classrooms for their National Digital Learning Day Tour in April/2015 & March/2016.  The 2016 tour was featured on: the Arizona K12 Center Homeroom, Arizona SciTech, Arizona School Board Association, & Expect More Arizona Excellence Tour


While serving as the K-6 Director of curriculum and instruction she oversaw the adoption, implementation and integration of multiple curriculum and assessment adoptions and developed district-wide systems for all educational leaders. Specifically she supported the launch of Arkansas RISE, Math QuESTWit & Wisdom, Phonics First, NWEA Map, Capturing Kids HeartsRtI interventions/enrichment to individualize instruction for every child was at the epicenter of creating whole child systems beginning with Maslow's hierarchy of need. As a director she facilitated professional development for administrators, instructional coaches, math interventionists, reading interventionists and dyslexia support staff. She has experience across the nation delivering keynotes, conference breakout sessions, staff development and consulting for K-8 districts. While working as a curriculum specialist she developed ELA & math curriculum maps in grades K-8, ELA & math pacing guides, & provided strategic feedback on the alignment of ELA & math formative and summative benchmark assessments. In Social Studies she created district-wide DBQs as quarterly assessments in grades 6-8 aligned to the content and pacing guides of the curriculum. She has extensive experience running and coordinating school-wide professional learning communities and strategically tracking the data of every child to ensure that their needs were met academically. 


Her true passion is learning and growing from everyone around her in order to support the academic success of all students. She leads with impact and will settle for nothing less than making a difference for every child!

Professional Development/Customized Curriculum/Mentoring & Feedback/Leveraging Resources/Engaging Administrators & Teachers/1:1 Program Integration/Long-Range Strategic Planning   

The Vision 

See how Rebecca leveraged these districts: 

Problem Based Learning

Maker Movement

Technology Integration Frameworks 


3D Printing

1:1 Program Design & Implementation

Digital Tools

Professional Learning Communities

Analyzing Student Data 

English Language Learners

Document Based Questions

Curriculum Design

Writing Trainer of Trainers

ELA Trainer of Trainers

Cooperative Learning  

Walkthrough Protocols

Student Engagement

Lesson Plan Design

Inquiry Based Learning

Cognitively Guided Instruction 


Special Education (PBIS)


Teacher Evalution 

Science of Reading

Science of Math

The top priority of the Digital Native Network is the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as humans born into a digital age. Aiming to connect past to present, present to future, and future to past. Leading now requires connecting with the idyosyncratic needs of Generation Z + Alpha while leveraging student strengths to impact student achievement. This demands a collaborative leadership team with an aligned vision speaking the same language, referencing the same research and resources, and strategically planning to meet long-term and short-term goals. New digital tools, software devices and political and social issues emerge every day. There must be intentional consideration on the impact of each on the system as a whole. We live in an educational dichotomy where we need to launch forward at the speed of light without a second to spare, and likewise we must go slow to go fast. There is a strong need to build a replicable and sustainable foundation.  Building blocks and best practices have stood the test of time and must remain part of the educational base. We must take charge and submerse ourselves into strong models and resources and customize them to meet our individual digital learning needs. Balancing time tested pedagogy with effective digital integration demands a strong understanding of: content, curriculum, resources, pedagogy, andragogy, current practices, second order change, social trends, leadership and strategic planning.


The goal of this website is to have a centralized location for all things to consider when implementing a school-wide or district-wide program integrating technology. Nothing is one-size fits all, and the needs of each individual school or district must take key elements into consideration. All key elements must be examined intentionally in order to leverage time, talent & resources. Together we must be intentional and collaborative and have FUN on the journey! 

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