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Programming & Coding

 Applying Integrated Thinking skills  

Level 1: The Gateway 

Level 2: The User 

Level 3: Teaching Coding Lessons 

This level is for the inexperienced teacher that doesn't know a thing about coding. You can litterally play the video and let your kids loose to self-guide and self-pace playing the blockley games on Hour of Code.  You will find an explanation, FAQs, and a How-to Guide to get started. 

This level is for the teacher that is super stoked about continuing to to provide ongoing opportunities for students practice at a self-pace. Now it is time to set up a free teacher account on to watch the student data soar. 



You have a couple different opportunities at this level. You have an online teachers guide available on with full integrated lesson plans that you can facilitate both online teacher assigned lessons and offline whole group integrated lessons. If you are a self-motivated learner you can implement the lesson right away. can partner with and have a local trainer come and facilitate a training at your district. You should try it, it's free! Apply to partner with Another organization that also provides step by step tutorials and teacher lessons is Scratch. Both organizations will introduce you to the language of coding with available online andd offline lessons highly aligned with the Common Core Standards. [The list links on]

Level 4: The Programing Creator 

Once you have the basics for a variety of different command types, it is time to start using those commands to create something new. Scratch is an integrated curriculum that allows students to create. Khan Academy also teaches more comprehensive computer programming for students grades 4 and up that have strong math and reading skills required for the lessons. Another extension of this learning is an open source eletronic platform that integrates hardware and software. Arduinos are the brains of the project that requires the user to program and tell the circuitbaord what to do. [The same list continues to link on]

Play for students 

Educators watch this 


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