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Planning & Reflection Supports 


The TPACK is a framework of the knowledge types necessary for the effective implementation of 21st century skills in the classroom.


Teachers must have content knowlege of the subjects they are teaching, pedagogical knowledge including current best practices for the subject(s) they teach, and technological knowledge of digital tools, vocabulary and software available to effectively augment a lesson.


Leadership teams must strategically analyze when to roll these out, how to embed them in professional development and curriculum plans, and how to support teachers to ensure mastery of all areas of knowledge and understanding. 

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Technology Integration Matrix

iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework 

Key Terms: Blended Learning, Flipped, LMS,  OER, 

The Teacher Learning Sequence is comprised of lists of teaching knowledge and understanding that must demonstrated in order to transform a classroom as a highly effective teacher. Some of these skills can be learned in isolation, however the most effective teacher flow in and out of these understandings. For example, a teacher cannot effectively facilitate a blended learning lesson without strong classroom managment, understanding rubrics, and be familiar with the ISTE standards ..... just to name a few.


Time and time again I have seen an ineffective teacher become even more ineffective when given classroom laptops or tablets. Research and examples show that effective teachers become more effective when given technology tools while ineffective teachers get frustrated and become less effective classroom teachers. District leaders of curriculum and technology must have an integrated strategic plan in place to leverage our teachers needs and strengths. 


Today we are facing the same situation with teachers as we are with students in the classroom. Every teacher has different schema and varying levels of understanding of their teaching subject, pedagogy & technology. Blended and online learning has transformed the type of thinking and social experiences our newest college graduates bring to their first classroom teaching experience. The job of teacher leaders and administrators both at the school and district level requires the same PLC approach as a teacher teams planning for their students.  What's your plan? 


As a district/school:

  • Have you decided specifically what your teachers should know and be able to do in the classroom at each stage?

  • How do you differentiate professional development for the varying degrees of experience or understanding?

  • How does this align with your teacher evaluation instrument?

  • What support systems do you have set in place for 1st year teachers?  

  • Are we providing professional development in a blended learning environment and leveraging our 21st century tools for teachers?  

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