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Action Oriented Leaders 

"Effective leaders intentionally watch and listen for every opportunity to eliminate the status quo and break the glass ceiling ."


  Empower     Leverage     Influence     Teach   

High impact educational leaders are emotionally in tune, socially plugged in to the trends and research going on in the world, they understand how to leverage talent and manage people, and are founded in best pedagogical and andragogical best practices. This sounds like a lot, and it is, but it isn't impossible. Congruent leaders help to empower people, leverage talent, influence excellence, and teach moral ethics. 


Empower People: Provide opportunities for autonomy and a safe enough environment to fail, and learn and reflect from those failures. 


Leverage Talent: Mine for talents beyond their content area they teach. Watch, look and listen for hobbies, characteristics and strengths in each and every person regardless of their position or title. 


Influence Ideas: Take time to listen first and cognitively coach by asking leading questions rather than telling it like it is. Ask questions that lead people to reflect, and question their next steps for growing and becoming a better version than before.  


Teach Values: Lead by example first, and be willing to have courageous conversations that lead to tough decision making based on moral and ethical beliefs. 


Whether you are an an aspiring leader or veteran administrator, we are all influencing first order change, thriving in second order change or simply planting seeds of inspiration to those within our organizations.


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