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One of the easiest ways to inspire and extend student learning is by creating a maker space opportunity. The sheer number of standards to authentically integrate is endless. It's time to turn your classroom, library or school into a Maker Haven! 


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Invent to Learn



Design Squad


Collect Some Junk! 
Bottle tops, paper towel rolls, buttons, twist ties, tinfoil, cardboard, straws, pipe cleaners, anything & EVERYTHING. 
Post a Menu of Essential Questions
What impact would it have on our world if homes were more efficient? 
How do inventions and adaptations impact a community?  
Post a Challenge 
Create something new.
Make a design improvement with an adaptation. 
Solve a real community problem. 
Ask Continuous Probing Questions 
How will you know if you idea will really work? 
Has anyone else attempted this before?
How will your idea make a difference in our world?  
Students Create a Marketing Pitch 
Establish an audience. A non-profit, the principal, lawmakers, a company, parents, students. Determine who they need to convince and persuade, create a digital or offline marketing materials to really pitch it and take the next step to make it really happen! 
Create a Space 
Fill up shoe boxes, bins, tubs, bags, cubbies, drawers. 
Find a designated space with enough surface area to work. 

Get Started with the: 

Pitch it Post it Share it 
Find a real audience in person or virtual. Social media, class website, LMS, another class, NJHS, the principal, parents, community members, or a telepresence expert. Find anyone that will listen to the real ideas, ask real questions, and give real feedback. 
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