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The Most Magnficient Thing

As parent of grade school boys my husband and I do the weekly routine of emptying out their pockets before laundry and the every so often completely cleaning their rooms....yes with trash bags. Without fail every time we fill grocery bags full of bits and pieces of junk. From rocks, to broken plastic bits, to string, rubber bands, sand and rocks.....these bits and pieces are bits and pieces of them MOST Magnificent them anyway. When asked why there is sand and rocks in their pockets the answer is typically, "It's part of my collection, or even better yet....its magical!" The dirty old string is part of their pulley system they are going to invent, the rubber band will help them launch paper airplanes......and on and on.....and on.

What may appear to be junk to us as parents just really may be the MOST Magnificent Thing! I encourage everyone to read the book The Most Magnificent thing by Ashley Spires. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, neighbor or friend, this book will inspire. In their mind, kids know exactly what they want to build, they can see it in all of its glory. It is our job to help them take their ideas to the level of a product or invention. No it may not be pretty. But it inspires, creates, and supports cognitive growth.

Teachers.....I can't think of a better book to launch and hook kids on the Maker Movement!!!!

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