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Microsoft's Vision of the Future Classroom

Microsoft's Vision of the Future Classroom is today what Star Trek was in 1968.

Think about a classroom operated by virtual reality, augmented reality, & artificial intelligence . Do we even have enough skilled or trainable educators to equip our students with the experiences and skills necessary to think 10 years out? Will we create enough skilled workers to carry out these innovations?

Do we have the resources and skills to teach our kids to belong, dream, create, visualize and think?

As educators we are required to be all things to all people expecting to work nothing short of a miracle. We are the nurse, the counselor, the interventionist, the negotiator, the leader, the collaborator, the moments of inspiration & TEACHER!

We face a lack of funding, a lack of training, high poverty, high crime, high turnover, changing standards, changing curriculum, changing protocols and high expectations. So how can we work alongside these obstacles?

1. We must surround ourselves with like-minded innovators: connect with other professionals through LinkedIn, blogs, groups and colleagues.

2. We must be proactive in our own learning: Keep up with the latest innovations, newest teaching tools, and greatest teaching strategies of all time. Don't wait for someone to facilitate a Professional Development, it may never come or never meet your needs. Go out there and get Google classroom certified or earn micro-credentials through Digital Promise. Just get started. Somewhere. Anywhere.

3. We must be vulnerable risk-takers: Without a doubt we need to be willing to fail. I mean flat on our face this totally didn't work fail. From those failures and attempts will produce success, regeneration and productivity. We must all start anywhere big or small. Be reflective in your failures, brush yourself off and get right back up.

4. We must stop at nothing to make a difference: Perseverance, endurance and persistence are the name of the game. You must believe deep down in your inner core that you can make a difference, and are willing to beg, borrow, recruit and steal anything necessary to make that difference.

5. We must dream Big: There is not possibility that is to big. What may begin as an idea in the classroom may soon become a new law, a product, a new theory or a new discovery. All learning matters.

Together as innovative and inspired educators, we can make all the difference!

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