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Futuristic 3D Holograms

It's all smoke and mirrors. With just a little DIY you can easily make your own hologram projector. This will enable you to watch 3D videos from your smartphone or tablet without the need for 3D glasses. All you will need is a clear a smartphone or tablet, CD case, a razor blade type knife, super glue or clear tape, a ruler, and the template. You can easily type in hologram template in any search engine and many websites offer free printable templates. Click to see the one I found on DIY Hacking.

Classroom Connection

This project can easily be integrated into science, math, reading and writing!

Holograms are based on an illusion technique called Pepper's ghost. This technique is often used in amusement parks, and most recently I was able to see this technique used in Las Vegas at the Michael Jackson venue. Let's take a look at content connections!


make a prototype and try it out!







The Law of Reflection and Angles on Math Dragon


reflected ray

rncident ray

normal Line

angle of Incidence

angle of Reflection

vertical axis


Read the three hyperlink articles below on the history of Pepper's ghost. Create a timeline of events on TimeToast.


Choose a 3D short video. Write an introduction explaining how the illusion technique of Pepper's ghost works. Make sure to include the vocabulary words: transparent images, angles, illusion, rectangle, reflection, mirror-image, vertical axis, rotated, and invisible. Your audience is a group of students that have never seen a hologram projector used on a smart phone before. You are introducing the video with an explanation of how it all works.

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