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Influencers Lead with Cultivated Presence

In education, the most influential leaders are cultivating first order change, growing second order change or simply planting seeds of inspiration to those in their organization. Leadership presence is cultivated through hope, guided inspiration, and a living example of high expectations upheld by integrity.

Transforming influencers today tend to their garden of success daily, hourly, EVERY single day. These leaders posses the virtues necessary to create new leaders. They light up a room, bring out the best in others, and instill a desire to reflect and improve. Influencers accomplish this because they have PRESENCE!


Portray passion: Influencers are animated, funny, happy, problem-solvers that focus on thrillingly energetic new ways to succeed.

Routinely reflect: Influencers listen, evaluate, assess, think, and most importantly consider other points of view, first, to ensure equity.

Expect excellence: Influencers set the bar, they don't settle, they follow through with support and coaching in order to ensure that goals are met and carried out fully.

Share with sincerity: Influencers are genuine and do not provide false hope or in inflated ideals, they provide authentic feedback laced with grace and adoration.

Engage effectively: Influencers are aware of timing, body language, setting and mood. They know when to jump in to the cirlce of influence and when to sit back and take it all in.

Nurture relationships: Influencers believe that people matter. They believe the stories of people interconnect us as human beings and have a positive impact in understanding.

Convey Compassion: Influencers show empathy and understanding with a strong belief that everyone deserves a second chance. They believe everyone deserves to be understood.

Explore new Learning: Influencers learn from everyone, no matter what. They believe that there is something new to learn from every person, every environment, every experience. No matter what!

Now more than ever, our students, teachers, and parents deserves to be surrounded by Influencers. Let us cultivate a mindset of influence so that we can empower others to change the world. Cultivated Leadership Presence has the power to impact the world!

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