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Digital Aristotle

Digital Aristotle

What Will the Future of Education Look Like?

In this video, CGP Grey shares the compelling findings from the YouTube Education Summit where the top industry leaders convened to chew on the challenges that educators face today as our world continues to evolve and advance at an exponential rate. Contributors like Ken Robinson author of Creative Schools, Steve Spangler television personality author and science teacher, Michael B Horn author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns, Jamie Casap global educational evangelist at Google and writer for Ed Surge, Richard Culatta Director of the Office of Technology for the US Department of Education and TEdTalk presenter, and Sal Khan founder of Khan Academy met to discuss the future of education.

Through their collaboration process they identified a few notable agreements on the advancement of technology on education. Particularly the internet. Digital Aristotle type platforms use big data to provide individualized tutoring through automation, testing what students know in real-time and adapting to what they learn over time. Long term will Digital Aristotle know more about your students than you?

There is no time to waste! We owe it to Generation Z to provide engaging customized learning for all students! Together educators will impact the world!

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