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Bringing Your "A" Game All the Way To the Finish Line!

Summer will be here soon enough and kids will be plugged into television, video games, pools and parks. The last days of school are vital, pivotal and meaningful! The instruction that we plan and the experiences we design, matter far beyond report cards and final exams. No matter the number of challenges we faced early in the school year, the final days of school are where a lifetime of memories are made. As educators, we all possess the power to influence kids forever! We must put the pedal to the metal and power through to the finish line, yes especially with rigor! This is our year and nothing can stop us from meeting our goals!

When we live a life of passion, drive, and focus then we are relentlessly unstoppable educators. Our kids will remember the liberation of choice, freedom of unpredictability, the love of laughter, the joy of getting messy, and having fun with yearlong learning!

The final weeks of school can be the most impact weeks of the entire school year. Here are some tips that may help amp up the rigor, joy and love for learning in the last weeks of school!

Add some Octane to Your Attitude

If you are excited, they are excited. Drip and ooze with excitement over your own passion for learning. Invite students to tap into their passion.

Increase Your RPM (Relevant Project Mindset)

All year long you have been instructing and scaffolding lessons. Building background knowledge and practicing skills. The final weeks of school is the time to turn the reigns over to the students to guide the thinking and learning.

Negotiate Projects: Student Led Projects

Give Students the Power: Students as Expert Learners

Work Together as a Pit Crew

Even though you have been through thick and thin together all year. Rallying together to end with even stronger relationships is key. The strength in togetherness builds a deep sense of belonging and community that will extend to the years to come.

Celebrate the WINS

Celebrating achievement is a must. Gains are a win. Progress is a win. Forward movement is a win. Every kid deserves recognition of their wins. Every class deserves a collective win. Celebrate everything!! Finish Strong!!

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